Executive Committee

ExComThe Executive Committee (EC) is composed of the three ICDC team co-leaders. The EC oversees implementation and administration of the research program, allocation and distribution of funds and maintains overall accountability, authority and decision-making responsibility for the ICDC program.

Steering Committee

SterringCommThe Steering Committee provides a forum for broad discussion of issues and makes recommendations to the ICDC Executive Committee. The ICDC Steering Committee includes members of the Executive Committee, Chairs of the KT, Training and Patient Advisory Committees and research leaders from key ICDC projects.

Patient Advisory Committee (PAC)

PtCommTo ensure that our objectives and proposed interventions are relevant and acceptable to patients, we have recently established a Patient Advisory Committee. This committee is made up of chronic disease patients who help to guide the ICDC research focus; provide feedback on ICDC research output; give insight into the preferences, goals and aspirations of patients, and assist the ICDC Knowledge Translation effort by translating ICDC research findings into messages that can inform patient behaviors. Members have been recruited from both rural and urban Alberta and meet quarterly in person with ICDC investigators. A member of the Patient Advisory Committee will serve as an ex officio member of the Steering Committee and the KT Committee.

Knowledge Translation (KT) Committee

straus-for websiteThe KT Committee (chaired by Dr. Sharon Straus) has representation from provincial government and regional decision-makers, primary care and specialist clinicians, research leaders from each of Phases 1-3 and other allied healthcare professionals as appropriate. This committee has a mandate to identify novel opportunities for KT and to oversee planning, implementation and uptake of any KT activities. A link with the Training Committee will be in place to ensure that novel KT activities can also be incorporated into training opportunities for trainees. Read more about our KT strategy...

Training Committee

McLaughlin Kevin 06 18 2012ICDC TrainingTraining Schematic (click to enlarge)The Training Committee, chaired by Dr. Kevin McLaughlin and co-chaired by Dr. Paul Ronksley, has representation from researchers, decision-makers, faculty/supervisors and trainees/recruits. This committee is responsible for recruitment activities, investigation of interdisciplinary and KT training opportunities and monitoring the progress, mentorship and support of all trainees to ensure congruence with the training objectives.

Trainees complete course work in relevant disciplines outside their primary area of focus. The supervisory committees comprise of faculty from diverse disciplines (e.g., health law/ethics or health economics) and students participate in ‘hands-on’ practicum to gain experience working directly with health care decision-makers. Participation in bi-weekly seminars encourages discussion, peer-review and dissemination of research findings.